I consult with organizations on how to design and deliver programs to mitigate the potential impact of baby boomers retiring and leaving jobs that require their knowledge and seasoned skills.

My expertise in organizational development and behavior, retirement life, generational issues, and culture change provides an integrated approach to companies that want to stay in their game and reach bottom line goals.

I also help pre- and post-retirees understand the huge transition to retirement, and I show them how to adapt to this new phase in their lives (this could include working full or part-time). By working with organizations and their employees, my approach to relevant issues will keep companies in business and successful in the marketplace.

With 35 years working with clients in the Bay Area and nationwide, I have garnered a unique perspective and in-depth operational understanding of workplace issues and their people. As a powerful listener, I hear beyond the words and get to the core of issues and thereby recommend solutions that fit. I’ve been my clients’ consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer and behind the scenes support. As a long time professional, I have the expertise and experience on how best to support employees to achieve business goals.

By working to develop a company culture that speaks to both the company and employees, the benefits to improve performance and results at all levels is evident.

• Talent Management: Attract, retain and motivate staff.
• Leadership: Management expertise in delivering proven practices.
• Teamwork: Build collaborative and synergistic teams.
• Innovation: Good workplace culture fuels innovation.
• Productivity: Delivers bottom line profitability.
• Multigenerational: Eliminates barriers encouraging involvement.
• Reputation: A great place to work.

As a thought leader, I’ve written books, articles for newspapers and magazines, and hosted a talk show with business leaders.