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In the first half Patricia interviews Gloria Dunn, author of Revivement: Having a Life After Making a Living. She has coined this new word and a new philosophy for your second half of life in her hot off the press book. She suggests with fervor that anyone over 50 is ready to have a rebirth, and to renew and revitalize a life that has been waiting for this auspicious time. This book is a good friend for anyone contemplating retirement or already there.


Show Description

Relationships, health, spirituality, finances and community concerns, reclaim control of all areas of your life with the power of positive thinking. Patricia Raskin and her guests will bring you practical, positive solutions for a happy, empowered and successful life.

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About the Author:

Spent 25 years in the workplace providing services in training, coaching, and consulting in the field of Organizational Development and Behavior, and was a professional speaker through her business: Wiser Ways to Work. She spent the prior 10 years as a public relations professional for two employers and as an independent consultant. Gloria is the author of From Making a Living to Having a Life, was a Cable TV talk show host, and wrote articles for publication. Now as a Retirement Life Coach, Gloria uses all of her skills to passionately support her clients in creating fulfilling lives.