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Spent 25 years in the workplace providing services in training, coaching, and consulting in the field of Organizational Development and Behavior, and was a professional speaker through her business: Wiser Ways to Work. She spent the prior 10 years as a public relations professional for two employers and as an independent consultant. Gloria is the author of From Making a Living to Having a Life, was a Cable TV talk show host, and wrote articles for publication. Now as a Retirement Life Coach, Gloria uses all of her skills to passionately support her clients in creating fulfilling lives.

The Power of Purpose After Retirement

North Bay BIZ Magazine By Gloria Dunn-Violin March 30, 2016 How do we invigorate our lives after retirement? What do we do to replace the many hours we spent building careers and nourishing relationships at work and in related activities? How do we interact with family and friends now that we have too many hours to fill? Discovering [...]

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Born at 50: Reinvent Your Life

Imagine being born at 50 years of age. Here you are with all the experience, wisdom, and skills that you’ve acquired the first half of your life. Now it’s time to use them. Welcome to the new retirement. Whatever your age, it’s time to enjoy all you’ve accomplished throughout your life. It is also time [...]

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Negative Thoughts Impact Our Lives Adversely

“It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts. Robert H. Schuller, Televangelist   As we get older, we need to be kinder to ourselves. We’ve traversed a good portion of our lives with wonderful and hurtful happenings. Sometimes we’ve risen above [...]

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Improve Your Memory—Keep Your Brain Working

Memory loss is one of the top fears people have as they age. It is one of the normal signs of aging, and does not mean we’ve lost the battle to dementia. There are several ways to keep our brains active and sharp. One of the key components of a memory-saving program is to keep [...]

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How to Prepare Yourself to Stay on Top of Your Finances

  The 21st Century has graced us with innumerable inventions, healthcare advances, and other practices that will keep us living much longer and healthier lives. At the same time, most of us fear that because of these new achievements, our lives will outlast our financial resources, and we will become destitute. How are we going [...]

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How to Reignite Passion for Your Job While Preparing for Retirement

  Hang in there, you tell yourself. Just two more years and I can retire. In the meantime, you dread showing up for work because you’ve come to hate your job. How can you stay when you want to go away? So many unhappy scenarios play out when we stay in jobs and work environments [...]

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Should You Move After You Retire?

Are you worried about whether to move or to stay in your present home after you retire? Are you thinking about downsizing, moving to a retirement community, or moving to a less expensive location? You probably have many questions about housing, but wonder where to find the answers.   Bruce Wrisley, author of The Senior [...]

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Divorce with Dignity After Retirement

As many couples reach retirement age, their lives begin to unravel. All the reasons they stayed together through the years no longer seem relevant. They have grown in different directions, become more worldly, more knowledgeable, and self-aware. They are no longer the people they were when they were younger. Now they know themselves better, and [...]

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What Will Retirement Look Like Now That I’m Divorced?

January 29, 2015 by Cindy Elwell Retirement. You may have been planning it for years, working out how you and your spouse will manage it financially and how you’ll be spending your more abundant free time together. You’re nearing retirement age when all of a sudden you find yourself going through divorce, and all your plans and [...]

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