This is International Women’s Day, Celebrate with Women Who Came Before Us

Someday in the future, our female youth may think of us who are over 60 as ‘the women before us.’ We are the women who inspire their future. We are the women who went through [...]

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How to Reinvent Yourself After Disaster Strikes in 8 Steps

After you’ve been through a personal disaster there is usually an upside. It’s the time when you have regained your equilibrium and understood that you learned important lessons. You start making new and better decisions [...]

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Why Working After Retirement is Good for Your Body, Mind and Soul

If you’re heading toward retirement, you’re probably fantasizing about: No more freeways! No more deadlines! No more stress! Working after retirement may not even be a thought. In fact, you may be thinking, “I’m free. [...]

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