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Will You Reward Your Retiring Clients with a Card and Chocolates or a Life? You Choose…

Although congratulation cards and gifts are a nice touch, are they ample appreciation for the business and referrals your clients have given you? Or, will you celebrate retiring clients by helping them create a vision for their new lives.

Benefits to your organization:
  • Increase referrals to your business
  • Continue use of your services by current clients
  • Develop employee/client relationships
  • Build a good business reputation
  • Engage your employees
Customizable workshops and speeches for pre-retirees to help them transition to a fulfilling and meaningful second half of life include:
  • A transition plan to get from full-time work to a full-time life (which might include work)
  • A 7-step roadmap offering guidance with clarity and goals
  • Assessment tools and worksheets
  • Workshops and coaching to design and implement the journey
  • Strategies to adapt to the first year of change
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