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Will Your Company Survive After The Baby Boomers Retire?

Someone is turning 65 every 8 seconds.
Baby boomers are retiring every day.
There are not enough workers to replace them.
Who will do the work?

Benefits to your organization:

  • Ensure you have enough workers to perform all company jobs
  • Retain productive older employees and their unique contributions
  • Reverse the loss of institutional memory and expertise
  • Keep innovation and critical thinking skills active
  • Continue healthy bottom line results
Customizable workshops and speeches for leaders with solutions to the impending loss of talent and skills needed to keep your company operational
  • Reality, statistics, and prognosis of your future
  • A plan that incorporates strategies to retain prized workers
  • A map that walks leaders through achievable steps
  • Examples of successful organizations and their results
  • Programs that build synergy and performance
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Will You Reward Your Retirees with a Gold Watch or a Life? You Choose…

Is a party and a gold watch ample reward for the time, energy, and dedication your prized employee contributors have given your company? Or, will you celebrate by helping them create a vision for their new lives?

Benefits to your organization:

  • Reverse the loss of institutional memory and expertise
  • Increase your retiring employees’ engagement and loyalty
  • Retain prized employees and their unique contributions
  • Prepare future leaders and workers with seasoned mentors
  • Build a “preferred” employer reputation
Customizable workshops and speeches for pre-retirees to help them transition to a fulfilling and meaningful second half of life include:
  • A transition plan to get from full-time work to a full-time life (which might include work)
  • A 7-step roadmap offering guidance with clarity and goals
  • Assessment tools and worksheets
  • Workshops and coaching to design and implement the journey
  • Strategies to adapt to the first year of change
Download (PDF 739k)

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