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RevivementTM: a New Strategy for Your Business & Employees


Topic One:

21st Century Retirement Life Strategies
for Your Business & Workforce

Your company is about to lose its talent to retirement.
Who is going to do the work?
Are you prepared?

Topic Two:

How to Reinvent & Reinvigorate Your Life
After Retirement

You’re reaching or 
you’re already at a retirement age.
You may live another 30-40 years.
What are you going to do with yourself?

  • Learn the new definition of retirement
  • Hear options you have to thoroughly enjoy the fullness of your future
  • Unearth your dreams of long ago—and make them real
  • Follow your heart to a new dimension
  • Find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in new pursuits
  • Identify and experience your personal value

Gloria Dunn-Violin offers comprehensive services to guide employers and individuals on how to navigate the new retirement paradigm. She speaks, gives workshops, writes, coaches and consults on how to make this changing environment work for employers and employees. Contact her to provide the services you need.

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Meeting, Event & Conference Planners

Gloria is a mix of purpose and passion as she brings her audiences to life – about the Workplace and Life After Work!
Her versatility takes her programs into companies, conventions and conferences; professional circles and organizational meetings; and business events and social meetings.

Whether she is talking about the future impact of baby boomer retirements on the business sector, or how to have a great life after retirement, she uses her experience, competence, research, and connection to vital issues to bring a mix of strategy, solutions, and key points to her audiences.

Her stories and humor engage audiences to reevaluate present situations and make new decisions that can revitalize the future of the workplace or personal lives.

Gloria’s topics are designed to mitigate job vacancies left by retiring baby boomers as well as for individuals to help them skillfully plan ahead.

She will show your audiences how to take charge and use valuable tools that will propel them forward.
Companies will learn how to:
  • Develop workplace cultures that retain current intellectual property and skills
  • Design strategies to keep job openings filled
  • Create a multigenerational culture that trades expertise
  • Engage a positive and productive workforce
  • Prepare for the future
Individuals will learn how to make the rest of their lives… the best of their lives. They will:
  • Learn a new definition of retirement
  • Explore ways to thoroughly enjoy the fullness of the future
  • Unearth dreams of long ago and make them real
  • Find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in new pursuits
  • Identify and experience personal value
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“Gloria offers very interesting information, really useful. Just the word ‘retirement’ brings up so many different questions and feelings. Such a big change in both spouses lives. I know there will be a huge void in my life when I retire. I need to begin the process to finding other purposes in my life to help with that transition.”

– Stan H.

“A great, thought-provoking presentation with lots of interaction. Your valuable information will provide help and guidance to many individuals and their loved ones. It was insightful and so very important to all of us in attendance today.”
– Hank C
“You are providing a needed service to those who often don’t even know they need it. I am so happy to have an expert in the field who might be able to help some see it a little differently and find meaning in their lives.”
– Lisa P.


My process is to know you and your audience, and start a dialogue that includes your concerns, questions, and needs. I want to make sure everyone leaves our time together energized and motivated to incorporate what they’ve learned. Just listening to someone can be entertaining, but actually making a connection to the content and enacting what one has learned makes the time spent valuable.


My goal is to provide your audiences with the most current information and tools that will help them attain results, while delivering the content with energy, enthusiasm, humor, and sincerity. I give facts, tell stories, share reality, and provide hope and motivation to move forward.


I do my homework in advance of my program by asking you and a cross section of your group a variety of questions. This can be over the phone, on Skype, or during a previsit to your facility. Prework can be with members, employees, customers, executive staff, or anyone you think has relevant information. I also will request appropriate reading materials, such as Annual Reports, newsletters, and blogs related to your organization. My end result is bringing your organization’s focus into view with the topic you’ve chosen. I will interweave your program theme and the points you want to make.


I can contribute to your publication and promotion with the wealth of articles I’ve written as well as blogs and excerpts from my book that will be out in 2016. I will develop program materials and handouts pertinent to the topic so your audience walks away with the beginning of “what’s next.”